This week, I will be hosting my 2 day all inclusive retreat for a group of women who are taking time away from their jobs, family, businesses, and many responsibilities to go inward and do some work around releasing what is no longer serving them and open the space up for what they desire next in their lives.

This is a very important process since we rarely allow ourselves the time and space to do this…. you know… give ourselves permission to take time to step away from being plugged in to our lives and really retreat, go inward, do the hard work and experience what self reflection is all about.

I want to invite you to spend these last few days of winter and block off a day or two in your calendar to snuggle on the couch with a cup of tea, your journal and spend time with yourself.

Write down your dreams.

Write down your struggles these past few months.

Write down your intentions

Write down what you are grateful for.

Eat lighter on this day to give your belly (gut biome) a break from all the work of digesting food. Make a conscious effort to drink lots of water to hydrate.

Be aware of your self talk. What are you saying to yourself? Write it down. Be in a curious state of mind. No judgement.

Journal how you talk to yourself. Are you critical of yourself? Do you say loving comments to yourself? Really pay attention to your self talk.

Once you have done this time with yourself, put your journal away for a few days and go about being active in your life again.

Notice if something has shifted. Do you want something more? Do you want to do it differently but don’t know where to start?

If the answer is yes, reach out to me. I would love to hear from you and what’s coming up. I am here to be of service. I have been trained and certified to help you make shifts happen in your life. If you are ready to have a conversation around it, then reach out.

I hope this was inspirational and educational for you.

Remember, we have this one life. Are you living it the way you choose to?