You know that feeling…

that there is something you are here to do…

something you have to learn or try…

something to let go of…

I can relate.

When I was 4 years old, I had open-heart surgery. Twice.

During my 2nd surgery, I had an out of body experience.

It was as if I was floating above my body and there was a string of light going from the girl on the table’s belly button to my belly button.

I floated up, up up. I saw soap bubbles and when I brushed against them, they were souls I knew from other lifetimes. The colors were so vibrant. I was warm, it was the perfect temperature. I never saw ‘the bright white light’ that people talk about.

I remember someone telling me that I needed to go back, it wasn’t my time that my time on earth was not yet done. I remember floating back to the girl on the table and the next thing I remember is opening my eyes and calling for my mom.


This experience left me with a knowing that I was different.

Not just different.

I knew I was a Pioneer. I knew I was a Light Keeper. 

 And that knowing was with me throughout the “normal” years; school, vacations, marriage, kids.

It wasn’t until the wonderful chapter of my life called “stay at home mom for 3 beautiful souls,” ended that I knew it was time for me to embrace the different, the pioneer, the light keeper.

But it didn’t happen overnight.

I tried for years to fit in to what society expected of me.

Shoe sales, travel agent, marketing, real estate—all of which I was really good at but eventually found boring.

None of them filled me up.

When your inner wisdom has something to tell you—like “use your spiritual gifts damn it”—it’s like a dog with a bone and the feeling just won’t go away.

I needed to figure out who I really am.

For me it meant enrolling in and graduating from the New England School of Metaphysics. Almost at once I began to feel whole and like a whole new way of being in the world had opened up.

Now, after fully embracing all of who I am – an Intuitive Medium, Healer and Facilitator for Consciousness – I get to bring my gifts to you.


I am here to help you become who you really are.

I help others open up to whatever it is they are here to do so that they can feel whole. Sometimes that means they first have to let go of what isn’t working–like overworking thinking it will change things; like worrying about money thinking there will never be enough; like accepting poor health as “the way it is.”

No matter what’s keeping someone from creating the life they love and they aren’t sure what to do it’s good to have a guide on the outside while learning to talk to the one on the inside.

Using my spiritual gifts that I’ve honed over the years I help people connect to their divinity, understand their connection to all that is, and live the life of their dreams. Sometimes I do this by removing hidden blocks to raise their energetic frequency. This allows them to gain a different perspective. As a nationally certified Reiki Master Teacher I work with clients both in person or remotely to shift stuck energy—even when they don’t know what to ask for!

The night before a mainstage presentation I was out of sorts, panicking, even though I knew my material. On top of that I was feeling fluish. Debbie was at the event, she agreed to help. Although I don’t know how she did what she did I felt  energy moving through me and my body relaxing. In this one session—and after a good night’s sleep—the flu symptoms went away and I was confident and excited to take the stage.

And I closed 90% of the room with my offer!

Gregory Anne Cox, Be More Marketable

I believe that in order to grow and make changes, a person needs guidance and coaching from an experienced mentor on what to do next in order to achieve their goals. Myself included. I have always got a mentor or advisor on my side. It is one of the reasons I have been able to fully embrace my calling to support people with a toolbox of resources that includes metaphysics, meditation, essential oils, Reiki healing, and coaching.

My family is my big Why. Spending time with my husband and our three children—especially being on the water—lights me up and raises my vibration instantly. One of the things I encourage my clients to do is connect with nature in any way they can. Being outside in the sun, feeling its warmth, or even on a cold day, is energizing and vibration raising.

And really any time we can raise our vibrations we are in a better place to manifest what we most desire and have ease and joy in the moments that make up our days.

If you have also had out of the ordinary experiences or know you have gifts but aren’t sure how to use them, I’d love to hear your story.


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