Well, here we are, the last week of January 2019, how is it for you so far?
For 2019, I’m encouraging a deeper level of participation from you because I want to support you in achieving your best life this year.

It’s going to be a year of balance and full self expression of gifts and strengths.

It’s also going to be a year where some lower energies will be seeping through into your new year without you even realizing it! These lower energies will ask you to return to old habits, take it easy, and not try new things. These lower vibration energies will entice you to keep the status quo rather than rock the boat.

I want to gently nudge you to indulge in new ideas of being, of supporting your energy to vibrate at the higher frequencies.

In order to do this, I am asking you to commit yourself to putting yourself in a year-long, high frequency community where you will ride the wave of transformation, lifting you above those lower frequency issues.

You already use the 2nd vibrational tool I am going to highlight, your brain.

You see, your brain is the operational system for your energy body. It automatically, and may I add magically, runs all your systems! Think about it… when you do you will be in awe.

So, just like any computer system, sometimes it needs a reboot and frequently cleaning out of the files.

A great way to assist your brain in its cleaning out is by journaling.

Journaling will help you empty your brain. Writing down what you are thinking and feeling will help you to empty your brain from things like to-do lists, everything negative you say to yourself, arguments with others that you have in your head… You get the point.

Once you do this, it can be so freeing! Research shows that writing it down and emptying your brain actually tricks your brain and will help you clear your mind. When this happens, you receive even more benefits. Biologically, your blood pressure will go down because your heart rate will go down because you are no longer carrying that stress in your brain!

So, I invite you to get a notebook or better yet, treat yourself (because you are worth it) to a pretty journal and play along with me and journal everyday. I always coach my clients: in the mornings – write down what you want to accomplish in the day, And in the evenings – write down what you are grateful for. It could be someone smiled at you or let you go in front of them. Keep it simple and have fun with this, it’s suppose to be fun! 🙂