Hello Beautiful Vibrational Soul,

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. We’ve all heard that lyric. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, why?

I have an idea as to why…. People are happy giving and receiving this time of the year.

Then I started to think about it.

If the action is giving and receiving, and the return is happy, then my next question is…

Why the hell aren’t we doing this all year long?

Seriously. Why?

Research shows that when people give of their time, they may actually live longer! Those who gave money did not experience a lower risk in mortality. So, why don’t we do it for the whole year?!

This made me so happy. For years, I have always like to help others and be of service. I did a BlogTalk Radio Show for a year and gave all kinds of free insight, tips, tools, and strategies.

I have a freebie on my website. It gives you access to 4 of the tools that I have been using for years with myself and my clients because… it works.

I speak for free to different interest groups as a way of giving back to the community.

In the spirit of giving, I will continue to be of service in 2020 and look for opportunities to keep giving all year long.

Hey, a new decade is coming. If you aren’t happy with the way your life is going, then I invite you to make a few small changes that won’t cost you a penny.

Give of your time.
Give of your strengths.
Give of your hugs and pats on the back and scrunchy nose smile.

Make 2020 better by being better. It leads to feeling fulfilled and happy.
Trust me on this one. I know.

Be sure to read next week’s message, it’s the last one for this decade!

Wishing you happy vibes & squeals of excitement,