This is it!
A new decade is right around the corner. This week, between Christmas and New Year’s, I like to do a ‘year in review’ for my business and for my personal life.

It’s super easy. Take a piece of paper and write at the top of it “Year in Review” and then start jotting things down. I like to have my calendar from the year by my side when I do this exercise, along with a cup of tea and a yummy organic dark chocolate bar.

After I do this, I tuck it away and on New Year’s eve, before I go out with my hubster, I read my lists. I say a prayer of gratitude for all I have experienced, both good and challenging because it made me who I am in this moment. My intention is to be a better human in 2020. I have an idea what that will look like for me. Stay tuned!

So, as we usher in a new decade, I gently nudge you to make your lists, and then ask yourself what is your intention for 2020? What do you want to be different?

If I can be of assistance, let’s chat. Let’s not waste another decade, or year….or day…or minute. All we really have is the present.
Until then…..See you next year!!! (I’ve always wanted to write that!) hehe

Wishing you happy vibes & squeals of excitement,