Welcome to February!

What I want to share with you today is something I have been reading about in January. As we went through the 1st month of the new year, a lot of the conversations I was hearing were things like “I need to pay off the holidays”, “I wish I could make that investment in myself but money is tight right now”, or even things like “I’ll be happy when my credit card debt is paid off.”

Phew! Just hearing these statements and typing these statements has me feeling stuck, frustrated and sad.

I hate this feeling! So… I did what any energetic practitioner would do. I saged myself, saged my office and then did a mindfulness meditation, cleared out my chakras, read something inspirational, listened to something inspirational then started this article. What a difference it made!!!!

Now I am heart-centered, tapped into my Universal Intelligence of my Higher Self and want to share with you a few thoughts I have around money and other’s perceptions of lack.

Money is a frequency, just as a radio has a frequency. It has taken on the form that we assigned it, either paper, or coin. Seriously, that is all it is. BUT… what you can do with it is Infinite!!!!

The reason you don’t have enough of it is probably because you have a thought waaayyyyy back in your subconscious that is blocking you from be-ing in the frequency of having more of it.

Stay with me here.

Breathe. Deep breaths. Smile to yourself. Ok, let’s continue.

We are making decisions every moment about our future self. Some of those decisions are automatic like: wake up, get out of bed, go pee, wash our hands, brush our teeth, wash our face. You get the picture.

Other decisions are not as mechanical, like our thoughts. Or are they?

As you go about the mechanical decisions of your day, notice your thoughts. Maybe, while making your coffee, you sleepily catch yourself daydreaming about creating that something that would make life so much easier!

Yeah! And you get all excited about it and start to fantasize about what that would be like. But then the next thought is your self talk of “that would never happen”, “you don’t know how to market that”, or maybe “stop being so childish… no one would buy that”, or even harsher: “that’s stupid”.


See how you just went from being in your essence of your magic of imagination and creation to being in a self-sabotage self talk? Those self-sabotage thoughts are impressions from your childhood buried way way deep down in your subconscious that someone said to you and it made a HUGE imprint on you. And now, as a grown “arse” adult, you are basing your future self living an abundant, vibrant, fun life on experiences from your past.

Read that line again. Wow! Crazy! I know!!

Once you realize that this is what you are doing, you start to look at how you talk yourself out of stuff. It’s wild!!!

Our ego loves to keep us “safe”. Playing small. Put the fear in us so we don’t change. Keep us comfortable. Even if that comfort is miserable.

The next step is to breathe again.

Deep breath. Good.

Now, knowing what I know, I can tell you that everything you desire is already around you. Really.

You just can’t see it because you are not aligned to it in your frequency. You get glimpses of it when you see someone else living the life you desire for yourself! There are things you can do to become more aligned in your frequency to attract the things you DO want.

How do I know? Because you have already mastered attracting the things you don’t want.

This is what I help other awakened humans figure out: how to get out of fear and believe in themselves so they can shift their “lack of money” story. I’ve been cracking this nut my whole life!

It’s weird, yes. I know. It’s a little eccentric what I do, true.

And I am ok with that. I finally can be honest with myself and show the world my unique weirdness.

I claim it, I own it, I AM it. And I am damn proud of it. It’s who I am. Unique. Quirky. ME.

What I realize is only I can do me. No one can make me do anything. I have free will. I make my own choices. I am responsible for my own happiness. No one can make me feel a certain way, only I can.

And now, I am choosing to hang out with other badass weird, quirky, authentic awakened beings because…

I’m just really tired of playing on this realm with a few select and want to shake humans up, and wake them up. I want to get them to come out of their deep slumber of being on auto pilot and invite more awakened humans to join us.

I believe in the saying “the more the merrier.” I believe there is enough for everyone.

I believe that if you want to change your story with money (or should I say the lack of it), then do it! Choose to do it! Only you can change it.

It’s up to you.

So, start with accessing your thoughts. What are your thoughts around money? Write your thoughts down. There is power in writing them down and getting them out of the body where they are holding up space.

By writing them down, you now have space in your brain and body for new thoughts to come through. Something on the lines of “hey, I deserve that raise!” instead of the thought you wrote down of “I haven’t been at the company long enough” or maybe “I don’t have the right degree.” Or “who am I to ask for a raise?”

When you start be-ing in the flow of your frequency, you start believing in yourself. You find your courage and don’t care what others think. You start asking those once scary thoughts. You take that action. And you don’t worry about the outcome.

Every “no” gets you closer to the “yes” that will change your money story. It has to start with you and start with examining what you are telling yourself.

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been thinking about: how I help more awakened humans get out of fear and believe in themselves so they can shift their “lack of money” story.

I would love to hear what your thoughts are. Just comment below or message me on Facebook or Instagram.

For me, I choose to look and find those who are searching for something more in their life.

I have my head lamp on, walking around this thought-cave of lack on earth… just searching for you, just shining my light looking for you awakened be-ings to show you the way out to a brighter tomorrow.