Happy Spring!!!

I just LOVE Spring time. I have a bounce in my step, I am constantly taking long breaths of air through my nose and smelling the smells of spring… Aaahhhh… This makes me happy.

In order for me to get through the winter months living in the North, I did some planning. My husband and I traveled for 2 weeks in February to a warm climate for time spent together and boy, did it do my soul some good!

I also took up a new hobby. I grew up in Vermont and my husband has always said that I am a “maple syrup snob” meaning I always take maple syrup with me whenever we go out to breakfast just in case we shared a pancake I would have my “liquid gold” as I call it.

So this winter, I took up volunteering in my community at the Sugar House we recently built. I am telling you, I have no idea where March went because every day I was at that sugar house collecting sap, boiling sap, bottling the yummy product and selling it for our town. It lit me up! It was addicting to be part of this very short season’s process and before I knew it, it was over.

This was a dilemma for me… volunteering so many of my hours in my week to make maple syrup and putting on my 1st retreat in 5 years! I had so much to do to prepare for the retreat and yet I only had so many days to help out the short season of making maple syrup. I ended up listening to my inner guidance and just volunteered every day and trusted that all that needed to get done for the retreat would get done.

I even used my “higher master cards” to draw every morning and the message was always around taking care of me and what filled me up. At that present moment, it was to go and volunteer to make maple syrup!

Now that the maple syrup season is over and the retreat is over, what I know is this…

When you listen to your inner guidance, it will never steer you wrong. It may seem counter-productive at the time (that’s because your logical brain and your ego have a LOUD voice in there), but trust me on this. It fills your soul and makes you happy, and from that vibration, you can give so much more of your best self to others.

I want to leave you with a challenge. Get quiet. Get centered and ask yourself this question: What does my soul need today, right now, so I can feel happy and content? Maybe skipping out early from work on a great weather day so you can volunteer in your community for a few hours is just what your soul needs.

If you take me up on my challenge, I would love to hear what you did! Let me know here on Facebook!

Now it’s time to plant some seeds!