As I sit here at my kitchen table asking Source, “What shall I share with my readers”?  This is what came in: 

Dream Big! 

Set Goals! 

Do small action steps to make that goal a reality. Life is not a race, it’s a stroll through time & space, and you are meant to experience all that life has to offer….the good, the tough, the bliss, the hurt.  If we would just take a moment to be present and look around, and ooohhhhh and aaww at the wonder of it all. Reflect on the year you just experienced. What are you most proud of? What didn’t get done that you really want to do? Ask yourself, “why didn’t I do that’?  Just an observation, no judgement. We are always hardest on ourselves but give everyone around us a ‘pass’. It’s time we shift that and give yourself a pass, you deserve it. 

After you are done with your reflection, here is how I plan my next year with my goals and solutions and invite you to give it a go.

  1. Create a manifesting masterpiece. It’s kinda like a vision board but amped up to really connect your vibration to the frequency of what you want to attract. By creating what you want on a canvas it becomes a piece of art that you are attracted to and you spend time daydreaming in it when your eyes gaze upon it.
  2. Ask for assistance. Think about who you can collaborate with? We aren’t meant to do it all alone. Whoever said asking for help showed you as weak, was fearful and insecure.
  3. Get it on the calendar. Whatever you didn’t get done in 2021 and still want to do, write it on the calendar. Write your new ideas there too. Write your vacations, spa days, special friends birthdays, all of it. Studies have shown that if you don’t get it on the calendar, you most likely won’t do it.
  4. Meditate daily. Seriously, get it on your calendar. Make time every day for even 5 minutes to meditate, daydream and even nap.
  5. Start a gratitude journal to write in at the end of every day. By writing in your journal every day what you are grateful for, keeps your vibe high.

If the voice in your head is saying ” ugh, really? she thinks this works!”, then I invite you to reach out to me and let’s jump on a call to get you clarity, some answers to shift that voice in your head. The only constant is change. If you want a different result, you have to come at it from a different perspective, have a different strategy and most importantly, have someone who will hold you accountable in a way that supports you, not ridicules you.

Please feel free to comment below and share with me what you want to call in for 2022.

So you lovely vibrational soul out there reading this, I want to thank you from the deep depths of my soul for just be-ing you and shining your amazing light into our world. Just knowing you are out there, makes my world a better place.

I look forward to running into you and getting a great big hug from you when we meet. Happy New Year to you and your family and I can’t wait to see what amazing things you will manifest in 2022.