I am so excited to share these 4 simple, but oh-so-powerful tools. Seriously… to reduce your stress level before Turkey Day when you will be around all the family and things start getting cray cray. Start using these tools NOW so you will be ready.

Got it? Good. 🙂

Vibrational Tool #1: Breath

Take a few minutes to stop whatever you are doing and just breathe. Do the kind of breathing where you count to 4 while inhaling through your nose, holding it for 4 counts then exhaling through your mouth for the count of 4.

When breathing like this, be sure to expand your abdomen on the intake and then pull your belly button to your spine on the exhale.

This type of breathing will increase the oxygen in your blood, and calm you down so you are clear headed which leads to you receiving a solution to whatever caused the stress. The act of inhaling and exhaling activates the body’s naturally calming parasympathetic system.

Vibrational Tool #2: Your Energy Field

You see, we are all made up of energy: you, the chair, the computer. It is all molecules vibrating at a certain frequency that gives it form. Pretty cool, huh? This goes for your thoughts, too.

Ooohhhh… (another ah-ha moment!)

Think about it: what we think about, we talk about, we do an action about. When we do this, we change our vibrational frequency to match what we desire to create.

Vibrational Tool #3: Emotions

This is like the jet fuel to attract what we desire. When we apply emotion to our thought, we are supercharging the law of attraction. Our emotions are a barometer we use to gauge and filter what thoughts we desire first. The more intense and strong the emotion, the quicker we will attract it into manifestation.

Vibrational Tool #4: Empty Your Brain

I know you have heard this before: journal. Grab a pen or pencil and paper and write down what you are thinking and feeling. Write out your list for tomorrow. Write down everything you are holding back from saying all day onto a piece of paper, rip it out of the book then burn it or rip it into tiny pieces and flush it.

I tell clients to write it on an effervescent tablet then watch it dissolve in a bowl of water.

This can be so freeing. Research shows that writing it down and emptying out your brain, tricks your brain and will help to clear your mind.

See??? I told you it would be simple. Now all you have to do is keep doing them daily. The more practice you have at doing them daily, the easier they will become part of your toolkit to keeping your stress level lower. After all, we have another big holiday next month!