This past July was, well, wet. I know many of us found it disappointing, yet, I like to find the positive so I will go with this: I am thankful for the wet July that watered all the gardens and filled our water tables in the Northeast. There. Done.

See, that wasn’t so hard? Haha

Here we are in August. 

So far, I have to say, this summer has helped me to get more clarity in my business. I am constantly contemplating how is the best way for me to be of service to others?, even asking myself if what I do really matters. 

And then Source answers me while I am doing something I love and it sounds like this; “dear one, of course it matters silly!. We are still navigating you on your path and showing you the way you can best serve. Sometimes that means you need space for reflection (Hence the wet summer) to think about your past to pull the nuggets to guide you into your future, with ease.”

Hmm. Okay, I get it. Makes sense. 

I start to look back over the years in my business and assess, all while either making jam or working in my garden. Doing those creative things get me connected to my joy and loving my life in the moment,  and opens that conduit so my connection to Source is a static free frequency coming in loud and clear.

One thing I have noticed is, of all the events I have attended as an attendee, it has come to my awareness how something happens at these events I attend where my expertise is needed. 

Let me give you some examples: Once, the person putting on their 3-day event came down with a high fever after presenting the first day. He knew of my skill set and requested my skills to work on him. Here is what he had to say, 
“I have experienced the kind of work that Debbie does when she shifts the energy in someone’s body. My biggest experience was at one of my 3-day events I was hosting in 2017 and I was running 103-104 degree fever for the entire day and Debbie came up and worked on me on the 1st night of the event and I went from not being able to get out of bed to going down stairs to the reception party and dancing and leading a late evening Mastermind. I don’t know what she moved but no one had ever moved energy through me like that where I had the experience of sickness leaving my body and wellness coming into my body. It was pretty extraordinary for me.”

And at another event, a presenter came down ill and requested my skills to help her and had this to say,
“The night before a mainstage presentation I was out of sorts, panicking, even though I knew my material. On top of that I was feeling fluish. Debbie was at the event, she agreed to help. Although I don’t know how she did what she did I felt energy moving through me and my body relaxing. In this one session—and after a good night’s sleep—the flu symptoms went away and I was confident and excited to take the stage.And I closed 90% of the room with my offer!”

These are just a few instances where I was sought out for my skills to help when someone needed it. It has happened over and over again to other attendees while attending other events. Geri, the NASA exec who had heart palpitations while experiencing a guided meditation and freaked out the person putting on the event, they almost called an ambulance! My guides told me what was happening and pushed me to speak up and be of service and things were brought back in to wellness. She ended up working with me and had many breakthroughs, one was authoring a book.

The time Genevieve was at an event with me and had a total opening from the material that was presented where she was just unraveling and heard about me and asked me to help her understand what was happening and asked if I could fix her. 

Or when Jenna didn’t understand why some stuff was coming up for her at an event and literally paralyzing her from her thoughts!. She has this to say,
“As many of you know, it takes years to form habits and beliefs and probably years to change unhealthy ones. I continue to work by implementing techniques I learned from Debbie. I feel that I have a better understanding of myself and in turn am making more informed decisions about my life. I feel empowered about my future and know now that I am responsible for the life that I lead. I am thinking positive thoughts about myself and my future. I also have a better understanding of the harm of negative thoughts. I have more work to do, that’s for sure, but I know that I am on my way to where I want to be and I am looking forward to the journey.”

It feels vulnerable to share this because I am sharing a very sacred part of me. This is who I AM. This is how I AM. This is how I show up in our world. Quirky?, sure, Different? absolutely, Weird even some would say but I cannot allow others fears to dictate how I show up.
Welcome to my world, hahaha

Why am I telling you this you ask?, This is what happens in my thoughts, then my words, and last in my actions. Because it’s in the actions that I chose to take that move the needle in my business. Otherwise, how would you know of my ability to do these things if I didn’t share what others have experienced when they reached out to me for help.


So, tonight Source told me that it was time for me to share this with you.

You see, this is part of the changing collective consciousness we are currently experiencing. We all need to listen to Source and navigate how we can best be of service.

And for me, this is how I am being asked to serve and show up in the future. 

People who are putting on events will realize they need to hire me to be at their events, and if they don’t, they will hear it from their attendees who will inform them to hire me to be at their event. 

It’s very fringe, I know, I know, but hey, it’s not about me, it’s about us. 

When Source speaks to you or gives you signs, do you just notice the signs?

Or do you do the hard work of taking the action step, even if no one else does what Source is asking you to do.(be the lone nut)

You know my answer.

Continue to live in peace (turn off the tv) & with joy in your day (get out in nature).Until next time,

Debbie Sodergren RMT, CMIEnergy Body Vibration Expert/Speaker/Author of #1 new release in New Age Meditation “Just Be…” by DJM Sodergren available on AmazonLive * Love * Lead                  Up Vibrations LLC