I have been doing a lot of thinking about the upcoming holiday we celebrate here in the United States called Thanksgiving. My thoughts have me reflecting back to when I was in school and what I was told Thanksgiving was all about and how we got to that holiday. As an adult, I am learning about appropriation and now I know that the “pilgrim’s” were not that kind to the “indian’s” as I was taught in school.

I am including a great article I read recently (it’s not long) that I really liked. Click here to read it. 

After reading this article, I am happy to acknowledge that we do eat some of the foods that are in season and even local to my town that I consider ‘homegrown’, whether my back yard garden or a farm stand such as, pumpkin (in pie form), cranberries (in sauce form),and yes, we have 2 cranberry bogs in town!,  Turkey (my son has harvested local turkey in the past) or Venison stew (again, compliments of my son), foraged mushrooms, clams that we go digging for, apple chutney and even maple syrup that I make…..you get the picture. I am so very thankful that my parents and family have taught me the skills to live off the land.

My hope for you is that as you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, cultivate a deeper true meaning of Giving Thanks, Celebrate being together, and even sharing with those you are celebrating it with, what you are truly thankful for. As we pass around the mashed potatoes and turkey and all the trimmings, I think it’s time we have a conversation that goes deeper.

Happy Thanksgiving