Free Tools

Here are the ways I can help you become the you you were meant to be.

Healing Lab Meditation

This guided meditation takes you into a space where you can revitalize your body  and aid in your body’s attempt to heal itself. This meditation is not medical advice so please be sure to continue to seek guidance from your allopathic doctor. 

Freeing Ground Meditation

Do you have difficulty quieting and focusing your mind during meditation? I created this grounding audio specifically to lead you into a quick meditative state.


Unplug From the Difficult Meditation

Use this meditation when you’re feeling tired or worn out to stay in the moment and regenerate energy to feel revitalized and ready to seize the day!


Sleep Is Calling Meditation

Use this meditation to help you empty your mind and relax into a solid 6-8 glorious hours of dream state.


Hitting the Pause Button Meditation

Use this quick shift into your inner space to transform feelings of overwhelm, anger, or anxiety into self love and gratitude.


Wake Up Meditation

Use this guided meditation to assist you with your return from dream state and get back into your human body.


Setting Your Intention Meditation

Use this meditation to start your day, setting your energetic power to seize the day!