Today, I have a story for you.

She called to make an appointment to come in and have a session with me.

I could hear the frustration and anguish in her voice on the phone.

When she came in, she filled out the assessment form. When she was done and handed it to me, I asked her “What brought you to wanting to see me?”

She took a breath.

She was silent.

She was finding the words.

Finally she said, “I don’t know who else to turn to. I don’t need therapy. I am searching for something but don’t know what it is called… I am so confused. I heard you speak at an event and thought, ‘I need to go see her’ so, here I am.”

I smiled. She smiled.

I began with her by asking her a few questions… questions like “Will you give me permission to coach you?” and “Is it ok if I share information with you after our session? I sometimes get information from my guides on the other side of the veil. Are you open to that?”

She said, “Yes.” She talked. I listened.

I allowed her to empty out all that she has been carrying inside of herself.

She apologized because it is rambled, or out of order, or that it may not make any sense.

I nodded and smiled. Then I said, “It’s going to be ok” and I asked her, “Do you trust me?”

She said, “Yes.”

We continued on with the talk part of the session so she can gain clarity.

She looked hauntingly exhausted. We transitioned over to my table so she could receive energy body work from me.

At the end of the session, I asked her, “How do you feel now?”

She smiled. She said she hadn’t felt this relief in so long.

I shared with her the messages I got while she was on the table.

She smiled wider. The light in her eyes started to return… that spark.

She said she feels like she can really breathe again, you know… take those deep breaths and exhale and know that everything will be ok.

She feels peace.

She feels heard.

She feels connected.

She feels hope.

She feels like for the first time in her life, someone actually understands.

I feel blessed. I feel valued.

I am honored to be of service and help another who is suffering.

If you identify with how my client felt when she first called me, I invite you to shift your mindset and know that you too do not have to struggle through it alone.

If you are interested, I would love to be of service to you.

Let’s jump on a 30 minute FREE call and see if my services are what you are searching for.

We are not here to suffer.

We are here to be abundant and thrive.

We are not here to do it alone.

We are all connected to all that is.

I have been trained and attuned to tap into the inner knowing and knowledge and it is my duty to teach others how to tap into it and use it for themselves, or the very least, do it on their behalf so they no longer suffer….if only for a few days until the next session.

But first, you have to want it. No one can want it for you.

It takes courage to step outside our comfort zones.

Now that you are awake in your consciousness, it’s time to shift where you are in this spiritually human experience.

It’s time for you to be who you came here to be.

It’s time for you to get guidance and clarity and strategies to make those changes.

We only have this one life… how much time is enough time for you to feel and be like this?

So, when you decide, I am here for you.

Just send me a message to schedule your call.

I look forward to hearing from you.