Today, I want to share this podcast I was recently a guest on: Inner Abundant Mindset with host Jolen Philbrook. This was a great chat all about Mindset and I thought it was so appropriate for this week.

Here is what Jolen had to say:

“Debbie has the knowledge in the human energy field and a deep understanding of the body, mind, and spirit in order to assist you in transforming your life. By listening in, you can discover how your body, mind and spirit affect your business and life, as well as how your thoughts, energy and vibration are creating your reality. “

In this episode you will learn how…

  • Your thoughts do become things and it is a powerful tool
  • The things that you are thinking are actually manifesting to a reality of what you can pull towards yourself.
  • Discover what an Infinite Possibilities Trainer Trailblazer is.

Click here to listen.