Hello awakening soul,

While on a walk the other day, a memory surfaced.

Growing up, I remember being told to stop, because I was “drawing too much attention to myself”.It made me feel less than, not good enough and that people would only like me if I was “just enough”.

So, I learned how to navigate “just enough”. I mastered reading people’s energy. I watched. I took it all in and figured out when it was just enough and to pull ‘it’ (me BE-ing), back.

Many years later and lots of self development, I have revisited this memory held in my body, really lean into it,  and  look at it, and release it because it no longer serves me.

It is not true.

It was a projection of someone else’s stuff onto me.I was young and impressionable especially around those I loved and who loved me so I took it on as truth.

Can you relate?

Is there a truth that no longer serves you that you are still holding onto?

I would love to hear from you. Please, share your experience.

♥️Until next time, live, laugh and lead your life to it’s fullest,