Halloween wishes to you!

This is Cooper, my fur baby. She is spending some time in ‘the cone’ due to some weird abscess on her hip that needed draining.

She has been in it for a few days. On Monday, she ran into everything. She was awkward in it and exercised caution. She seemed unsteady in her movements, not knowing how to navigate around.

The next day, she bumped into objects less, was able to eat, drink, and lay down. She was getting used to her new way of being. She was less clumsy and she was gaining confidence.

As an observer, my takeaway is:

The beauty is that when you have something new, you adapt.

This translates well into my life and mostly, in my business right now.

As my business grows, there is frequently a new ‘new’. I am not sure of the outcome, and I’m unsure if the tweak or new program will be what people are looking for as a tool.

I am learning to let go of the outcome and just lean in to the new.

I could easily worry about all the ‘what ifs’, take it personally, play out all the scenarios in my head, and stay in that lower, denser energy. Easily. I’ve mastered that.


I could choose to release any judgement or worry and be open to the possibility that others will find my services a beacon of light, where they gain tools and strategies to overcome fear, doubt, overwhelm, and stress.

They will have hope that it will get better, they will flow with ease and joy, and they will find the courage to make changes and release the things that are stressing them out. They will be open to having support to guide them through it all.

So thank you, Cooper, for being a role model on how to adjust with ease and grace and trust the process and be in the moment… Just Be.

(If I was to make Cooper’s cone into a Halloween costume, this is what I would do)