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I see this as a way for me to be of service and help mostly women, and a few brave men entrepreneurs with their business so they stay in peak performance and in Mindset. One thing I DO KNOW, you can't have one without the other! My vision is to have it be a "Done with you" mastermind, not a Done For You...it's about the empowerment. In Mindfulness it's about knowing the step by step strategy to achieve mindfulness. In Business, it's about having First Class Support. By being in this Mastermind, it will bridge the two harmoniously together, the Mindset & the Performance!

Here are just a few of the benefits you get when you join:

Energetic Tools  that I teach you can help turn your life around – the many benefits include…

Reduced stress levels



Recharges your energy

Shifts you into a positive mindset so you attract more magic in your life.

Helps you let go of what’s holding you back from enjoying life to the fullest

Attracting abundance in your business 


What you get: Here is how we will do it:

 1. Each call I will get you grounded and clear out your energy centers. If you don't know the benefits of this...let's jump on a call so I can get you clarity.
2. Get you proficient in self mastery of your energy. This is important so you feel empowered so, when we are not having a call that week or when something starts unraveling you have a way to keep your shtuff, YOU, together. :)
3. Have tools & strategies to Up level your business which ultimately effects everything in your life.

 2 calls a month where we block off 30-40 minutes. Then, if you need it, you will get a 15 minute S.O.S. call with me once a month when you need it. Again...this is a Pilot.....let's see how this works or doesn't work. (haha)

 4 times during the 12 months, I will bring in a powerful guest expert on a topic of interest to the group.

Monthly theme to explore

Monthly journaling prompt so you can dive deep into connecting with your inner wisdom.

Monthly Affirmation to support and empower you on up leveling your energy flow in life and business.

 Unlimited Access to the Private Members Only FB Group where you can get real time support and feedback with struggles or celebrations. We've all experienced when we've been working in our home offices and we land something and want to shout from the roof tops! What do  we do?...we share it with our family and they give us an eye roll or totally don't listen and go right to asking us..."What's for dinner?",  Frustrating!!!!  Right?..well...now you will have a place to stay energized and celebrated.

My goal...

Is to have a minimum of 10-12 founding members

Again, this is a pilot/beta so it is all unfolding!

Watch your email and the Private FB Group Page of Flow Mastery for the details for the Zoom link and info.  

Investing in my program will mean that you participate regularly as you're making a financial investment in your wellbeing, and taking action means you will therefore FEEL the results! Commit to your wellbeing and mindset today.

Pricing Options

The program is $1997 pay in full for the 12 months. But...if you need a payment plan, we can do a monthly payment of $199. Which one is a better fit for you?

Just Be Membership Payment Plan



Monthly payment plan for 12 months

Join Today

Just Be Membership Annual



Save $391 by
paying in full!

Join Today

We are starting on September 5th with my 12 Founding members ...will you be one of them?

The calls will be the first & third week of the month on Tuesdays at 9am EST/EDT. If you miss a call, they will be recorded for you to listen to and catch up on. I hope you will be one of the first 12 Founding Members!!! xx


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